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Meet the leader of private aerospace activities in Kazakhstan – KazAeroSpace. During its short history (the company was founded in 2015), a friendly team of like-minded people was able to change the attitude of the public and big business to the use of aerospace technologies for purposes previously unseen. In general, the emergence of such a concept as “Kazakhstan’s private space company” is already an extraordinary and even significant event for our country.

There is a trend all over the world when space and business are converging, KazAeroSpace keeps its finger on the pulse of all trends in this difficult matter. The company’s motto is discovering the unknown.

The main activity of the company is to create products and provide services in the field of Smart City and 3D city modeling. The company has its own developments and certificates of authorship, human resources, and experience in various fields.

KazAeroSpace has the skills and experience in the following areas:

  • aerial photography;
  • geodesy;
  • geographic information systems;
  • information technology (IT);
  • 3D modeling, VR.

KazAeroSpace is a 3D geographic information system developer. The advantages of this system are the ability to fill with various data and integrate with any databases, which gives complete information about the city in one window by means of graphic – cartographic 3D visualization of data. The system data architecture allows, conducts data analytics in one click.

3D geographic information system allows solving the existing problems of the region in terms of:

  • prevention of terrorist threats;
  • efficient / targeted use of land resources;
  • identification of illegal subsoil users;
  • environmental monitoring of spills and leaks of oil and oil products;
  • attracting investment to the region by creating an investment card;
  • increasing tax revenues by increasing the taxable base by creating a geo-tax map;
  • reducing corruption risks through the creation and automation of public services.

For the first time, the company has implemented a project to search for and identify drug-containing plants and illegal subsoil users using satellite data from Earth remote sensing.

KazAeroSpace is the official distributor of KazEOSat-1 and KazEOSat-2 images all over the world, as well as the distributor of Airbus Defense and Space.

KazAeroSpace is a resident and conducts joint development with Nazarbayev University students. The customers of the company are ministries and akimats, large organizations and companies in all spheres of the economy, defense and security of Kazakhstan.

For the company, the most important thing is the continuous growth of competence, it is through the growth of human capital that the company tries to evaluate its results. The company’s policy is that we invest most of our income in R&D and training of specialists, in search of new solutions.



Казиев Б.Н.

Technical Director

Ахметов А.М.

Financial Director

Балабатыров А.Н.

Department of Strategic Development and International Cooperation

Баталова М.С.

Department of innovative technologies

Петроченко А.А.

Department of Aerosounding and Geodetic Support of the Territory

Нугманов А.М.

Administrative and management personnel

Тажигалева М.Н.

Information Technology Department

Амиржан Б.А.

GIS and Remote Sensing Department

Хусаинова И.Р.

Department of Photogrammetry and 3D Modeling

Меркенов А.Е.

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